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On June 2015 3-6, the twentieth Chinese international kitchen and bathroom Expo

The twentieth Chinese international trade fair and the twentieth building Chinese International Exhibition for kitchen and bathroom facilities will be held on June 2nd to 5, June 3rd to 6 at the Shanghai National Convention Center and the New International Expo Center was held. At present, there are more than 5500 famous manufacturers from more than 30 countries and regions all over the world sign up for it, with an exhibition area of more than 300 thousand square meters and a new record.   

China International Kitchen and bathroom exhibition is regarded as the high-end summit of kitchen and toilet industry. The organizer is Shanghai Global Exhibition Co., ltd.. China International Construction Trade Fair, known as the "Olympic" of China's housing construction industry, is concerned and participated by relevant government departments, industry associations and residential construction industry units and consumers. Facing the situation Chinese strengthen ecological environment construction, the development of energy saving building and accelerate the construction of new urbanization, this exhibition will have the relevant industry associations, community organizations, official delegations, trade delegations and expert groups to visit the exchange.