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Poland Building Materials Exhibition 2008

Budma is the largest construction industry exposition in Poland and even Eastern Europe. The organizers are Poznan International Exhibition Company and Republic of Poland construction department. Budma exhibition is mainly for building materials manufacturers. According to statistics, about 3/4 of the enterprises participating in the exhibition are building materials manufacturers, and 1/4 are traders. In 2007, ushered in the exhibition from 26 countries and regions, a total of 1300 companies, the number of exhibitors than the previous high growth; the local Poland 931 enterprises, 295 enterprises overseas exhibition, a total area of 40292 square meters, in addition, the number of professional visitors reached 50280 people, and 88% of the participants were satisfied with the the exhibition. It is estimated that more than 1400 exhibitors will be held in Poland International Building Expo in 2008, with an exhibition area of more than 46000 square meters and an audience of 60000.