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Sanitary products is one of the essential facilities in the everyday life

Sanitary products is one of the essential facilities in the everyday life, throughout every household as well as office buildings, shopping malls and other living spaces. Quality bathroom products can not only improve the quality of life, but also contribute to the day-to-day jacuzzi bathtub water conservation, to reduce the family as well as the life and operating expenses. Therefore, whether it is family or business at home and abroad, will choose the high-performance, high-quality bathroom products. For them, the certification mark is product quality and performance of proof, especially in the more mature international markets.

    For example, in the United States and Canada, the vast majority of sanitary regulations require third-party certification, inspector or official personnel certification mark can help to identify the products comply with the relevant laws and regulations, and to determine whether the product can be sold in the market. Currently, three main bathroom and regulations shower enclosure OEM in North America: Canada the HVAC Piping Code (NationalPlumbingCodeofCanada NPC), International the HVAC Piping Code (InternationalPlumbingCode IPC) and unified HVAC Piping Code (UniformPlumbingCode UPC). The regulations aim to control the design of the sanitary system and its components, installation and maintenance, to establish the protection of public safety, health, property and the minimum standards of the public interest.
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