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Sanitary ware brand integration to accelerate the industry reshuffle and overcapacity

    HC Hardware Network A few days ago, nine, animal husbandry, Central China Industrial Park, settled in the signing ceremony of Wuhan Wujiashan Economic Acrylic bathtub Manufacturers and Technological Development Zone in Wuhan East and West Lakes was held. It is learned that in order to meet the growing market demand, to achieve a seamless connection with the market, nine, animal husbandry, kitchen and bath expand global strategic, have established the East Industrial Park, kitchen and Culture Exposition Garden, Ceramic Science and Technology Industrial Park, the upcoming production of ceramic of production line with an annual capacity exceeded 1.6 million units through the integration of advantageous resources, gradually establish Acrylic piece toilet Manufacturers a production base of world-class kitchen, to achieve the well-known brand in Asia Development Goals in 2016 JOMOO.

China Building Materials Federation Qiaolong De president pointed out, should organize and lead the industry's leading enterprises to technology, brand, management, resources, market and other advantages, and actively carry out the restructuring and mergers between enterprises, the formation of a large enterprise group, large enterprises itself must be horizontal integration and stronger main industry restructuring longitudinal extension of industrial chain, and should strive to enhance the competitive enterprises of scale and resource allocation efficiency, the formation of a number of competitive medium-sized building and sanitary ceramics enterprises, promote the building and sanitary ceramics jacuzzi bathtub Manufacturers industry by large strong.

At present, China's ceramic sanitary ware, bathroom products, or building tile are in excess edge or breaking the boundaries of excess. Although the excess is a relative concept, ceramic sanitary ware industry overcapacity problem has been put on the important agenda. Public companies are looking for the solution to the problems off the consequent policy. Recently, a number of large enterprise groups and brand have been expanding their sauna house Manufacturers product line into new areas, or cross-border business, trying to achieve diversification, supporting the production and operation pattern.

From a business perspective, to achieve high matching, using their own resources advantage reclassified status to establish spheres of influence, but also in order to achieve better development, to create a core competitive advantage, to promote bigger and stronger. From the industry point of view, can promote the speed of the industry reshuffle, but there are also likely to exacerbate overcapacity. Because the elimination of backward production capacity, whether through new capacity or new equivalent replacement and elimination are not yet known.
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