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Transformation and upgrading of the sanitary industry in China to usher in a new opportunity

ceramic sanitary ware industry's existing development pattern should change to qualitative change by the increase in volume, very difficult. Mode of thinking, the development of inertia, the country environment, market conditions, industry characteristics will become a Whirlpool bathtub Manufacturers stumbling block and a stumbling block of the transformation of the way. The one hand, ceramic sanitary ware industry is labor-intensive industries in recent years, the job facing a shortage of the plight of many enterprises, mostly SMEs; entire industry capacity huge, and has formed a surplus situation, exacerbated by the industry price competition .

Although such cross-border jacuzzi bathtub Manufacturers operations, as well as the "pan-home" mode, you may face pressure from all sides and difficulties, but as a useful attempt to promote the transformation and upgrading of ceramic sanitary ware industry, is still worthy of praise and applause. Face of ceramic sanitary ware industry in the process of transformation and upgrading of the emergence of new thinking, new models, new trends, should take a positive attitude, encouraging the eye to look at. Regardless of the Pan-home mode, or cross-border joint pattern, ceramic sanitary ware industry massage bathtub Manufacturers transformation and upgrading, and useful exploration of bigger and stronger.

As the ceramic sanitary ware business, there is no copying of experience and mode of the copy for my own use, the experience of foreign companies can only learn from, reference, other aspects also need domestic ceramic sanitary ware business with national conditions, prices and conditions, market characteristics, due to due to when the system should be innovation, breakthroughs, break the ceramic sanitary ware industry development model sauna house Manufacturers of an independent intellectual property rights, transformation and upgrading of new ways.

In recent years, the concept of "Pan" is popular in many industries. The Quanzhou plumbing industry in the kitchen and bath industry integration in the context of, the "pan-home" concept, the leading hardware, ceramic sanitary ware, kitchen cabinets and even electrical appliances into the bathroom plumbing industries and the chain. Nanan bathroom plumbing leading enterprises in the buildings, Shenluda has gradually become fully involved in the production of the bathroom faucet, shower, bathtub, toilet, using a new pattern to improve shower enclosure Manufacturers the integration of plumbing kitchen and bath industry chain. In the industrial development trend, some domestic electrical appliances manufacturers have begun to enter the field of "pan-home. Resources such as the integration of undergraduate electrical water heater and bathroom two industries, the product line covers water heaters, water heaters, metal ware, ceramic sanitary ware products.
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