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Bathroom hardware based on the market and franchise of the times

sanitary ware continuous development of improved, more and more consumers in the purchase of sanitary products is not only concerned about price, quality, service, and are more concerned about brand awareness and business reputation. If the business or Acrylic bathtub Manufacturers stay in the business philosophy of the past a seller's market, will certainly be at a disadvantage in market competition, even the market weeded out the bathroom industry into the era of brand marketing.

    Improve the brand concept of competitive high-end market

    China has become the world's largest sanitary consumer market, many domestic sanitary ware brand performance and quality meet or exceed the foreign brands, however, toto, American standard of foreign sanitary ware Acrylic piece toilet Manufacturers brand with a strong financial strength and higher brand awareness, almost a monopoly of the Chinese high end bathroom market. Except for historical reasons, the domestic enterprises, brand awareness is not strong is an important reason leading to this situation.

    Many corporate CEOs, said the "low-end price, high-end quality of their current business philosophy. The number of bathroom companies make full use of promotional tools to attract bathroom vanity Manufacturers consumers' desire to buy. So, starting from the second quarter of this year, the sanitary ware industry price war, was a growing trend, and even toilet rare low price of 199 yuan. The prices are obviously lower than the manufacturing costs, but the brand must not only equal to the sales volume.

    Sanitary industry, the maximum bathroom cabinet Manufacturers errors are: the enterprise is equivalent to the brand. In fact, goods [News Price Unit Reviews] The brand is the mental property can be independent of the plant, it can be yours, you can also belong to someone else. There are many companies mistakenly think that there is a good product, a large factory there will be a big brand, the majority of resources into specific things, unwilling to put into brand marketing.
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