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Wei yu tang clear 2.8 L sanitary ware on behalf of the international top level

      Our country "6 litres of implement supporting system of issued and implemented the compulsory standards, water-saving sanitary ware become the industry mainstream. However, to reach 6 litres of water standards and a flush the requirements of clean, because the technology content more demanding, the current domestic sanitary industry only a few sanitary ware enterprise to master in the world, sanitary ware industry can be achieved 2.8 litres water standard and a flush of advanced standard enterprise clean very few. And bathroom industry rising stars--tang clear wei yu is global sanitary ware enterprise at present can reach only enterprise of this standard, the international leading design is self-evident.
      As is known to all, China's grave shortage of water resources in the country, more than 600 cities, there are more than 100 a severe water shortages. shower room And used to flush the toilet water, and take a third of the communities. Use water saving appliances become the urgent matter. 2.8 L tang clear sanitary ware (seated toilets) than the national mandatory again undoubtedly water-saving standard and a big step forward.
      Not long ago by China's ceramic industry association 2011 annual growth of the star of the ceremony, jiangmen tang clear bath Co., LTD with independent intellectual property rights of the 2.8 L siphon type water saving seated toilets to 2.8 litres shower enclosure  water standards and a leading technical indexes of rinse clean every won the "Chinese health ceramic best water saving product" award. Suffice it to say, it is the national trade association and the market for consumer technology innovation of wei yu tang clear deserves affirmation and recognition.
      According to information, tang clear clean is provided with the advanced water saving design, not only in energy consumption, noise,bathtub  lie between smelly bacteria resistant, replacement sewage and waste water index well ahead of similar domestic manufacturers and reach the international advanced level, and with high quality and vogue, personalized and the characteristics of environmental protection and celebrated.
      To be sure, as countries improve the toilet water saving standard, water saving technology to enterprise's development is essential, who first master water saving technology, who can belong to, the first to capture market opportunities.shower cabin Tang clear lead water saving technology is not only in the wei yu international environmental protection and energy saving tide, and with serious lack of water resources in our country actual situation, more in line with the immediate interests of the consumers, have the very good market prospect.
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