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Domestic sanitary and bath ware industry to spring

      Back in 2011, the domestic sanitary and bath ware industry has undergone earth-shaking changes. The government's continued down, making the property prices continued bottom, household decoration industry boom receding, as its downstream industry sanitary ware industry also granted by a lot of influence; Foreign known sanitary ware brand have assigned, make consumers for brand and service have more choice; All kinds of metal raw material prices rising exponentially, makes the enterprise manufacturing cost more and more big; Sanitary ware products innovation is insufficient, imitation followed suit is serious, the emergence of this series of status, makes the domestic many sanitary ware enterprise is facing more and more survival pressure, how to based on the existing resources, for the long-term development of the plan, become the current problem of positive thinking clean industry.
Industrialization road
      Since always, domestic sanitary ware enterprise has been fragmented, and find out the way, no matter be enterprise distribution or industry cooperation and more decentralized, can't form scale effect, to improve the overall competitiveness. It also makes the foreign brands are more in the machine. But as the industry and increasing awareness of the crisis, "unity is strength" has become the numerous sanitary ware of the enterprise operator common knowledge, increase cooperation to enhance communication and industrialization road, it is imperative to have. In this respect, is located in guangzhou sun yat-sen shower room industry is typical representative. It collects the jarib, Germany made, lisa, such as LaiBo's sanitary ware enterprise,shower room  has the from Germany, Italy, South Korea of the introduction of a large professional production equipment, and product innovation, mould technology, level of automation equipment and other aspects, a leading domestic position, through horizontal exchange and depth cooperation, has formed the film area sanitary ware enterprise of intensive effect, remarkably raised the and foreign brands controlling the market ability, for the future development of sanitary ware industry provide the beneficial reference for the road.
Product innovation is the key
      Before, many domestic sanitary ware products style of product from Europe and the United States and other developed countries more, accordingly, in the current market, the clean of Europe type style is popular. But follow suit imitate and not in the long run, to really do the sanitary ware products innovation, first to target group characteristics of consumption, research, understand customer's consumer psychology and consumption characteristics, second to form a professional research and development team, according to the market demand and combining with the actual regional characteristics to product research and development, again, is in view of market characteristics of strategic publicity and marketing. Only in this way can we gradually from the influence of foreign strong brand ales, produce sanitary ware products suitable for Chinese consumers, thus make the sanitary ware brand with Chinese characteristics.
      To shower room as the main product in this respect jarib clean excellent performance: the company since was established, it has been developing innovation as a top priority, uphold the "only the innovation, the enterprise no market, enterprise to have vitality" concept, the company set up the product research and development center, with the development of laboratory, testing laboratory, and the introduction of the various advanced laboratory equipment and testing equipment. According to the reporter understands, this company every year to the new product r&d investment account for more than 10% of the profit for the year.
      In fact has been since, jarib clean is provided for many sanitary ware enterprise providing excellent growth model: since its establishment in 1998, the company has always adhered to the "continued to improve, to create a customer satisfaction products" as the quality policy, after a long-term development operation, and has formed, shower room, computer steam booth, integrated shower room, the bathroom cabinet, basin, lavabo, bath crock bibcock, shower enclosure  hardware, artificial stone and SMC composite materials, 17 series more than 400 varieties of production system, and has officially approved the international standard ISO9001, 2000 quality management system certification, and become the best consumer welcome of the ten brand of shower room.
      To strengthen cultural taste
      According to industry experts, although many domestic sanitary ware enterprise in new product research and development, and start consciously will international front popular element and the Chinese traditional characteristics cultural fusion, bathtub but very few winners, more companies are only in the basis of foreign brands do local adjustment, in this respect, jarib clean is an exception.
      "According to different levels, different personality people demand to design the different art genres, different connotation elements and different design style of wei yu apartment, emphasis on leading the flower is aspersed, face basin of bath crock and ceramic tile whole is tie-in, grasp the sanitary ware choice, color, light and small objects such as the function of the layout of the whole deserve the main point, the design of the single sanitary ware products into the style is unified whole environment." Jarib sanitary ware design concept is no longer just the kind of attention in the attention of a single product stay above, but the overall coordination of the comfortable environment and make the full consideration, based on this the idea, jarib often tailor made for customers for the most personalized, the most independent taste of the space that defend bath.
      Of course, the industry transformation and upgrade is not a false foreign brands in the full today, Chinese sanitary ware enterprise wants to take on the burden of revitalizing China manufacturing brands, still have a long way to go, shower cabin but is still a long way for us to achieve final success. We have reason to believe, strictly follow the market rules, and listen carefully to consumer demand, China will help clean industry to bright and beautiful spring.
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