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Sanitary Ware is a new emerging industry

Sanitary Ware is a new emerging industry. It features tailored installed from measurement to order production until the client's home, the entire process of more whirlpool bathtub than a dozen road link, especially in the terminal stores, to establish a comprehensive after-sales service system is to guarantee the profits of the core.
Second, the brand needs. Brand, not only is the image of the logo of the commodity, a consumer protection. Today, the bathroom market competition is fierce, how to establish a complete set of after-sales service system, directly determine and affect the survival and development of products and businesses. Customers buy products, the customer needs to buy the service. Enterprises to establish a set of independent and complete service system, but also the support of the brand. Gain an advantage, but also brand lasting obtained core competitiveness lies in a variety of battle.

Again, sanitary industry tailor special shower cabins custom, not fast consumer goods, the most effective way of promotion, minimum input announcement: word of mouth. In order to achieve word of mouth is the real skill --- Sanitary Ware quality and service. Services, with a focus on after-sales services.

Therefore, after-sales service of the sanitary quality management system, the implementation of the service work also requires a complete management system. Through years of practice, we gradually improve the construction of the system to make the service work to promote sales, maintain and enhance the brand aspect, and achieved a great success.
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