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About Us

     JiaXing Selak Sanitary Wares Technology Co.,Ltd, a rising shining star in the sanitary industry in China, is located in beside the Hangzhou Bay on the shore of Ltd. The East China Sea.
     selak Sanitary, a professional sanitary equipment manufacturer certified by China Association for Quality Inspection, integrates designing, manufacturing and distribution as a whole, The brands of "selak"under selak are well received and trusted by a large number of customers due to their excellent quality and outstanding reputation. The sales network of selak has covered all over China as well as the world.
     selak personnel take"Put people first and Innovate Tomorrow" as the core competitive power of this company.
     Aiming at safeguarding the consumer's interests and meeting the consumer's requirements, selak advocates healthy habits and customs, which are of great advantage to keep physical and mental health. As the vitality of a company derives from its creativeness, selak has been constantly expanding and making breakthroughs one after another in the sanitary industry. New environment-friendly materials, new technology together with constant research, development and manufacturing has given birth to sanitary products more salubrious for consumers. At the same time, timely and careful services provide the best solutions for our clients. Firm and moderate operation has given rise to a unique and vigorous "selak Sanitary Dynasty". In order to defend the honor of selak, selak staffs, under the consistent purpose of being "honest" and "pragmatic" and "ready to serve", are to provide our clients with more and more excellent sanitary products and services so as to make a better world for all people.

Address:North side of Xinghe Road, Pinghu Economic Developing Zone, Zhejiang
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