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JiaXing Selak Sanitary Wares Technology Co.,Ltd, a rising shining star in the sanitary industry in China, is located in beside the Hangzhou Bay on the shore of Ltd. The East China Sea. Selak Sanitary, a professional sanitary equipment manufacturer certified by China Association for Quality Inspection, integrates designing, manufacturing and distribution as a whole, The brands of "selak"under selak are well received and trusted by a large number of customers due to their excellent quality and outstanding reputation... ...
shower room: shower room is not only embodies the modern, more into the enjoyment of life. Due to the high pressure of work now, interpersonal tensions, and often people will bathroom into a degradation of pressure.
shower enclosure :shower enclosure can play the role of the insulation. Water vapor gathered in a small space, people are very warm. If the bathroom larger, there is no shower room, even if there is heating, also tend to feel cold.
bathtub: bathtub is the main equipment of the bathroom, in the form of the tub, the size category can be summed up can be divided into three types: deep square, shallow elongated and compromise form. The people need water when bathing no shoulder, doing so can warm the body, so the tub should ensure that there is a certain amount of water capacity, short, deep, as long as a shallow, filled with water capacity 230-320L.
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